what's new?

  • "YES DAY" I am pleased to announce that I shot a small role opposite Jennifer Garner in the new film "Yes Day!" I play her maid of honor, and the movie should be out on NETFLIX early 2021!
  • "HUMAN ZOO" This new horror thriller starring Robert Carradine and yours truly is out now on iTunes, DirectTV, Amazon, VUDU and many other platforms!
  • "IN BED WITH A KILLER" Watch me in a new movie on Lifetime and Amazon! I have a large supporting role in "In Bed with a Killer," where I play Heather, a true-crime-obsessed barista who meddles in small town cases. Formerly "Deadly Romance," this film was a joy to make! It airs randomly on Lifetime and is available to stream at any time on Amazon Prime Movies. Watch the trailer HERE and find out more by heading to IMDb.                                                                   
  • "DEATHDAY" AKA "The Campus",  this groundhog day-esque horror film centers around my character of Morgan, who just can't help dying and coming back to life! It received overall positive reviews, including a stellar call out by The Hollywood Reporter for my work. "Deathday" now available to purchase at Walmart and is available to stream on Amazon Prime! Watch the trailer here, and for more updates, head to the Facebook page.
  • "THE AFTER PARTY" This "Twilight Zone" inspired film screened at the Oscar-qualifying Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival and has screened at numerous fests nationwide. It's won several awards including Best Thriller and the Audience Choice Award at Hollyshorts. "The After Party" is now available to watch online for free!
  • "WRIGHTWOOD" - This new horror film is a twist on the classic cabin in the woods tale, and it's already been selected for two different festivals, Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema and the Pasadena International Film Festival! While the festival circuit is temporarily halted due to COVID-19, we will be screening again soon. Keep up to date on all the newest info at the Facebook page!